Don’t be that ‘screwdriver guy’, enrich your toolbox, diversify yourself

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I’ve compiled below 20 skills, technologies and considerations on choosing between them. Picking the right tools became one of our greatest challenges — the Node.js ecosystem has matured and present attractive options in almost every field. Vanilla or TypeScript? Ava, Mocha or Jest? Express, Fastify or Koa? or maybe Nest? should I include ES6 modules in my next project or stick to good-old ‘require’? Mixing and matching among all of those require deep familiarity with the consequences. These rich set of tools and paradigms also encourages you to tiptoe into unexplored territory. …

‘Hmm I’m not sure whether to make this orange one a Microservice or maybe just keep it simple as a package’?

Often when considering, or working with Microservices, we are uncertain whether some component should be a Microservice. This component might be a mailer, price calculator, facebook connector, message queue facade, or anything that seems to benefit from being an autonomous component.

The checklist below means to give a sense of whether you need a Microservice or maybe it’s probably an overkill tool for your needs and you can deploy it as a package or maybe even just another class/object.

Although all the reasons below are valid and essential to consider, take the ‘gamification’ and scoring part with a sense of…

⚠️🎊📢 Important Note: This Article became a GitHub repository with additional 15 best practices and community discussions

If you’re looking for the most recent and comprehensive version — I suggest switching to the GitHub version

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As an independent Node.js consultant I’m engaged and review 10+ projects every year and my customers justifiably ask to focus on testing. A few months ago, I started to document here the insights and repeating errors I observe at the field and suddenly it piled-up into 30 testing best practices.

The ideas below span topics like choosing the right test types, coding them correctly, measuring their effectiveness and hosting them in a CI/CD pipeline in the right way. …

The Node.js future brings some interesting stuff

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I’ve compiled 19 skills and topics you might find valuable in 2019. Please don’t get overwhelmed — neither I nor most other developers are familiar with every single topic. These are just the exciting things on my radar, and the JavaScript horizon is never-ending.

My name is Yoni Goldberg, an independent Node.JS consultant and the co-author of Node.js best practices. I work with customers at the USA, Europe and Israel on polishing their Node.js applications. Among my services are code, application and architecture review, testing & CI, advanced training sessions, and others which you may find here.

Yoni Goldberg

Software Architect, Node.JS Specialist. Consultant, blogger, conference speaker, open source contributor — author of the largest Node.js best practices guide

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