Don’t be that ‘screwdriver guy’, enrich your toolbox, diversify yourself

Short Intro

I’ve compiled below 20 skills, technologies and considerations on choosing between them. Picking the right tools became one of our greatest challenges — the Node.js ecosystem has matured and present attractive options in almost every field. Vanilla or TypeScript? Ava, Mocha or Jest? Express, Fastify or Koa? or maybe Nest…

‘Hmm I’m not sure whether to make this orange one a Microservice or maybe just keep it simple as a package’?

Often when considering, or working with Microservices, we are uncertain whether some component should be a Microservice. This component might be a mailer, price calculator, facebook connector, message queue facade, or anything that seems to benefit from being an autonomous component.

The checklist below means to give a sense of…

Yoni Goldberg

Software Architect, Node.JS Specialist. Consultant, blogger, conference speaker, open source contributor — author of the largest Node.js best practices guide

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